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Hidden benefits of Pay per Lead programs

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#1 truevalery



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Posted 30 August 2013 - 02:44 PM

Moved from old forum.
Pay per Click programs were quite popular before Adsense arrived at the scene but many advertisers are moving away from this payout model due to the click fraud problem. But this didn't deter Google Adsense and the Yahoo Publisher Network from using and even thriving under the pay per Click model with the help of their fraud click detection technology to combat the problem. 
In this article though, I'd like to discuss about the advantages of Pay per lead programs. Pay per Lead - online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely based on qualifying leads. 
The conversion rate in pay per lead programs is always better than in Pay per Sale ones, because the visitor isn't buying anything. Meanwhile, Pay per Lead programs pay you more for every customer then PPC models. They simply need to complete an online form for you to get paid. 
Webmaster can sell his traffic to Pay per Click programs, earning commissions on visitors who click on advertisement blocks placed at his website. Of course, it's enough good method, but average price for a click varies in $0.01 - $2 range depending on the theme of advertisement. If webmaster has huge "rubbish" traffic of cheap thematic requests, such as the most popular "porno", he'll do well selling the traffic to PPC programs. 
From the other hand, webmaster may have a valuable traffic of business and financial request. In this case he can earn much more directing the traffic to Pay per Lead systems. Certainly, this traffic can also be sold to PPC, but using the service of these programs webmaster will get only $1-1.5 for every click. Usually, conversion rate in PPC programs is not more then 1:5. Meanwhile, webmaster can deal with Pay per Lead programs, where conversion rate is nearly 1:10, but the price for a lead exceeds $7-10 barrier. So, what we get? In PPL affiliate program webmaster earns from $0.7 and more, while the price for a visitor in PPC models doesn't exceed $0.4 level. 
Pay per Lead programs usually offer customers a trial version or sample of a product or services by exchanging personal contact with the company. As a sample, T3leads pay per lead program pays its affiliates for the visitors who fill special applications at destination websites, where different financial products, like home loans, refinance, payday loans, debt management and insurance, are offered. If application contains accurate information from U.S. resident, and the lead was not submitted by a third party, then the "lead" will be considered to be "valid". 
Why should you accept making cents per click on your website or blog when you could sell your traffic for dollars - $5, $7, even $25 or more per lead - by offering your visitors useful products. 
On my mind, Pay per Lead model is the most perspective web-marketing sphere. You don't sale your traffic to PPC agents, but convert it yourself with more efficiency.

#2 PrivateLoanShop



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Posted 05 April 2014 - 03:43 PM

Great post. Interesting program set up for online payday loans, auto title loans and home loans. 



Private Loan Shop

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