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Posted 05 September 2013 - 02:13 AM

Where the link i can used to get new U.S Traffic to your leads program , i check the web without finding any page that the visitor for the lead program will used or log into it , so i wanna promoting your offers , but i don't have the link or the URL to do this?

You need a link to send the traffic to and that could be any of our public website you can use. At the end of the link you have to add your company ID, that way traffic that you send will be crediting to your account. Here is the link to see the links you can use and some explanation of how to use those: 



About the payment I used my PayPal account is there time to payment date or its weekly?

Default payment period is every two weeks. If you make $1000 or more per week you can request weekly payments from your account manager.


I don't know untill this moment how much i get for every lead i sent is there any pay per lead list ?

You can see detailed reporting on how much each lead sold for under Reports/Lead Detail.


What the different between affiliate program and merchant program?

Merchant program is for lenders who are purchasing leads from us. In your case, you would be only using the affiliate section of the site.


How much I get if I use my affiliate link to get new affiliate to the network?

You will get a certain percentage from the gross revenue the affiliate makes with us. Because that rate might change, please confirm with your account manager at the time of the referral. We always try to payout the best possible rate to our affiliates.


Is there any topic or banners about T3leads I can used to start promoting

You can access banners under Channels/Banners in the menu of your t3leads account (direct link: http://t3leads.com/e.../tools/banners/)


How can I add another website to my account?  I want to add another website to my account but I can't find the link to do this? 

You would like to add a private website and you can do that by downloading and installing the files on your hosting from our page under Channel>Private Websites in the menu.


I have my own website, how do I begin working for T3leads?

If you have your own website then the best route will be to install a form on your site for the desired product and start driving traffic. The form code can be generated under Channels -> Create From menu item.


Is it ok to use a domain name to redirect to my affiliate link?

I have two questions.

First I would like to ask, I have a domain name and I would like to redirect the domain name to my affiliate link. Is that allowed?

So say for example my domain is xyz.com it will be redirected to my affiliate link.

Also how do I create an alias instead of using my affiliate id.

I tried doing that but no matter what I tried I kept getting an error message:Error: The alias may only consist of any combination (‘A-Z’, ‘0-9’, ‘_’ and “-“), but can not be a number. But my alias did not include any numbers at all.

1. It is allowed, as long as the initial domain is payday related and does not disclose repayment terms (say 90daypaydayloans.com).

2. Here is the link for creating alias:

http://t3leads.com/e.../tools/aliases/ that should work correctly as i tested.

3. Cloaking is allowed as long as the customer is not shown an unrelated domain, however, this is not preferred. What do you mean by stealing links?


I have downloaded the install file to my computer and unzipped it and uploaded the content to my server. When I opened up the browser so that i can install, I get a error 500 message. I have my hosting with Godaddy .com - Linux - PHP 5.2. What am i doing wrong?

Usually the 500 error is caused because of the files in the root folder that have permissions 777. Those need to be changed highest to 755. In regards to Godaddy shared Linux hosting plans - our CMS does not work in the Godaddy shared hostings due to luck of many features. I suggest this hosting, choose baby plan, works perfectly fine.


How to pass keyword value to public websites from my blog? What is param name?

You can pass it as a subacc parameter which will be shown in your report in t3leads.com

parameter type GET

parameter name "subacc"


Are there any disallowed keywords or keyword policy?

There are:

Avantis financial, Check n go, Check into cash, Quick click loans, East side lenders, Ideal gelt, Tremont financial, Loan point usa, Money mutual, advance america, cash genie, cash genie loans, enova financial, speedy cash, cashnet usa, security finance, ace insurance, VHDA, ocwen, ocwen loan servicing, ocwen financial corp, rapid cash, rapid cash advance, rapid cash advance loans


Can I use direct link from PPC bid to t3leads' public websites?

Google will not allow to use direct link to one of our public websites


Where do I see the payout list for the leads? I'm looking everywhere and cant find any info.

The payout list per vertical is located here: http://www.t3leads.c...ad-pricing.html


I have registered over T3leads.com and wish to know if I can use the JavaScript form on my wordpress blog.

You can use the javascript form in the wordpress blog. To do this you can not just paste the code in the wordpress editor for the page or for the post and nor for the template (because wordpress editors do not take javascript code correctly and add some symbols that influence its performance). However you can create a file containing form code and upload that file to the hosting/.server of yours. After, you can include that file anywhere in you template of pages that you would apply for creating the application page. Include can be done through:

<?php include('http://www.youdomain.com/form.php'); ?>

where form.php is the created filed that contains the form code.

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