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JavaScript form Configurations

Leads channels

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 02:09 PM

While setting up the form you can pass different parameters which can include and extend different capabilities. Parameters are passed in JSON object. Parameter values can be variables, JSON and even functions.

There are required parameters, such as UserID, which holds name of the user and optional parameters, such as DefaultValues, where you can pass array of different values by default.

To avoid any conflicts of variable names on your website, we made it possible to have any name and you will have to include the name of your variable in the initialization file when loading the form:
https://altohost.com...ms/init.php?vn={Name of your variable}
Example of Object Parameters:

<script type='text/javascript'>
var inputOptions = {
'UserID': 'test',
'Product': 'payday',
'ProductTemplate': 'ligths'
// ... other parameters
document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="https://altohost.com/system/applicationforms/init.php?vn=inputOptions"><\/script>');

UserID - Required Parameter
Given option holds your ID.

Product - Required Parameter
Given option holds the product of the form.

ProductTemplate - Required Parameter
Given option hold the name of the form template. You can also pass more then one template by separating template name with commas. In this case, random template will be selected from the ones passed.

function (status, price) { }
Given option holds is used to hold the function which is called after the is sent. The function takes to parameters: status and price.
Status can have to values: Sold or Rejected
If the value of the status = Sold then variable price will hold the amount for which the lead was sold.

(JSON Object) = {referrer:"", subaccount:"", keyword:"", clickid:""}
Visitor object is used to provide more detailed information about the visitor sending the lead. Visitor object has properties: referrer, subaccount, keyword, clickid

Detailed information on passing information about visitors

(JSON Object)
DefaultValues are used if some of your client's information is already known to you, or you have a form on the main page of your website and want to pass that information to the main form in order for your client not to enter same information twice.
Detailed information on passing values by default


AllowUrlParser = true / false;
Automatically getting information by default from GET variables.

Detailed information on automatically getting information

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