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Passing Values by Default

Leads channels

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 12:58 PM

If you have part of the information that your client filled in or the client is well known to you and you have clients information then you can pass that information to the form fields for your client not to enter anything twice.

  • When setting up the form pass available information as json object
  • Passing information in GET variables
    • Receive information from GET,  convert to JSON object and pass to the form.
    • Automatically search for information in GET

You can obtain the list of available variables that can be passed to different products' forms in documentation:
1. Set up values by passing json abject when loading the form
(Used if the information is stored in the database)

var inputOptions = {
    'UserID': 'test',
    'Product': 'payday',
    // ...
    'DefaultValues' : {
        first_name: 'Anton',
        last_name:  'Panfilov',
        state:      'CA',
        zip:        '91023',
        email:      '[email protected]'

2.1 Manual set up of values through GET method
(Used if the information is sent from different form)

// function to receive GET variables
function getParamForPrepop(n){
    v = a.indexOf("&")>=0?a.substring(0,a.indexOf("&")):a;
    return unescape(v);

var inputOptions = {
    'UserID': 'test',
    'Product': 'payday',
    // ...
    'DefaultValues' : {
        first_name: getParamForPrepop('FNAME'),
        last_name:  getParamForPrepop('LNAME'),
        state:      getParamForPrepop('STATE'),
        zip:        getParamForPrepop('ZIP'),
        email:      getParamForPrepop('EMAIL')

2.2 Automatically search for appropriate information, set up of values through GET method
(Used when passing information from different form, names of GET variables must match names from specification)

var inputOptions = {
    'UserID': 'test',
    // ...
    'AllowUrlParser': true

Example of passing information to the form with automatic search for information in GET variables option turned on:


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